iPhone Tip: Single Tap Conference Dialing

If you belong to the lot who mark most percent of your time sheets with conf calls, this tip will at least reduce your frustration of manually dialing into those conference calls. 🙂

Starting from 4.3 version of iOS, apple has introduced this single tap conference call dialing with a pause to send pass code.

Let me first tell you how I use this feature for my conference calls. Some of my conference calls require a telephone number followed by a pause, followed by the conference id and in some cases, they ask for a pass code in addition to the conference id.  In some cases, it will allow you to enter pass code/ pin only after a beep.   I created different contacts for each of these conferences  using this 4.3+ feature of iOS.

While adding a new contact, if you click  ‘+*#’ in the left-down corner,

conference calling in iphone -1

iphone add contact

you will get a screen as shown below that has ‘pause’ and ‘wait’ buttons. ‘Pause’ button will add “,” to your contact number and ‘wait’ button will add a “;”.

iphone-conf-call Add pause/wait

iphone-conf-call Add pause/wait

For conference call that just requires a pause,  enter the telephone number, pause, and then pass code. This contact phone will look something like “1800288424,3344#” .  For a conf call that requires multiple pauses, the contact number will look something like “1800288424,3344#,9922#”.

Above two cases are examples of single tap dialing, where in you just tap that contact to get into the conference bridge.

For a complicated case like a conference that expects pass code after a certain playback, one needs use the ‘wait’ button instead of ‘pause’ and the effect is that a “dial” button will appear dialing the digits before the ‘wait/;” and pressing that “dial” button will dial remaining digits after the semicolon.  The contact number in this case will look something like “1800288424;863544#”  You can insert multiple “wait(;)”s into the contact, and it will present as many “dial” buttons to press one after the other.



For me, it saves a lot of frustration that used to arise by dialing pass codes, conf codes manually. Hope you find this useful as well.

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