Remove Password from Adobe PDF files

Many of the password protected PDF files you receive over mail, are usually protected to keep it secure over wire. Once you have them with you, you might want to remove passwords or keep a common password for those PDF files when you store them in your local backup for easy access.

In this quick how-to yow will learn how to remove password protection from those Adobe PDF files for which you have user password with you.

PDF files created with earlier versions used to allow print to PDF, with utilities like ‘cute PDF writer’ or ‘save as PDF’ option while printing in Mac. But PDFs created with newer versions do not allow this trick to create a unsecured PDFs from a protected PDF file even if you have user password.

There is a nice windows based utility BeCyPDFMetaEdit that allows you to edit metadata of a PDF file.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Install the tool from the link given above and launch the utility.
  2. It will ask you for the PDF file to be opened. Before opening the file, set the mode on the ‘file selection’ window to “Complete Rewrite”
  3. Enter the password for the PDF file.

    Remove or reset adobe PDF password


  4. Switch to the security tab and select ‘no encryption’ for ‘security system’.
  5. Click the save button.

Your PDF will no longer require a password to open. You can use the same tool to set a common password for your PDF files by using ‘password protection’ in step 4 above.

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