Iphone 4 Turns Off Randomly and Doesn’t Turn On?

Iphone 4 turns off randomly and doesn’t turn on? It happened to me as well. This is the second time my iphone 4 gone dead in 1.5 yrs. It got switched off out of the blue and it doesn’t turn on with usual switch-on procedures.

 It had enough charge left on it when I last used it, so it was not really an  issue of battery discharge. Tried connecting to a wall charger or pressing power button for a longer duration but it dint help.
This is what I did to get my iphone 4 back to life:
Its basically a longer version of reset
  1. Press Home button and power button together and hold them for 30 sec..
  2. If 30 sec doesnt help, hold it for a bit longer. Apple logo appeared in my case after about 40 secs.
  3. Release the home+power buttons once apple logo appears.
Looks like this is a known problem with iphone 4 as I see lot of forums discussing this issue. Unless your phone got a hardware problem, this trick seems to have helped in most cases.

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